Herzlichen Dank an Lars Jensen von der Firma Synoptik in Dänemark, der sich freundlicherweise Zeit für diese Empfehlung genommen hat.

ca. 30GB Navision Datenbankgröße, 12 NAVISION Application Server, ca. 20 GUI Benutzer (geplant ca. 50), durchschnittlich 2000 concurrent Connections auf die Navision Datenbank (Navision Clients und andere Prozesse)

25th January 2006

Letter of recommendation

It is hereby confirmed that Mr. Bodo Danitz has visited Synoptik and he has used his software tool called "SQLSunRise NavTune" on our database software Navision platform in December 2005.

Our installation's performance was pushed up to 9.7 times solely by the efforts of Mr. Danitz and his software tool.

Mr. Danitz quickly got an overview of our SQL server installation, and made valuable recommendations to both the server setup and to the usage of backup.

Not only did Mr. Danitz push the performance of our Navision, but also pushed the performance on our vendor front-office software - solely by changing the usage of the server (indexing, SQL statement tuning, profiling etc).

Our system was loading 5-80% on our 8 CPU's of the SQL server before Mr. Danitz visited us - but on the day Mr. Danitz left, our CPU's where nearly standing still at 1-25% load; they have remained there.

It is with great pleasure that I give my best recommendations to Mr. Bodo Danitz and to his software tool "SQLSunRise NavTune".

Lars Jensen
CIO, Synoptik

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