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These Companies already use SQLSunrise NavTune rejoicingly:

more than 100%
Performance Gain with
SQLSunrise® NavTune
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • incorporates over 10 years of database experience
  • is easy to handle
  • gets steadily improved
  • can be customized to your needs
  • has been thoroughly tested!
  • optimizes Indexes and Index-Statistics
  • applies optimal Fillfactors
  • analyzes and optimizes SIFT Indexes
  • moves all nonclustered Indexes
    to a dedicated Filegroup
  • defrags Tables and Indexes
  • creates Index-Snapshots
  • has Rollback-Functionality
  • supports Clusters
  • supports Database Mirroring
  • supports Partitioning
  • supports INCLUDED Columns
  • maintains all Tables und Indexes
    automatically (Scheduler)
  • minimizes Maintenance Duration
  • and lots more!
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